When Yuuji first endeavors to acquaint himself with her, she at first attempts her best to disregard him, and accordingly goes to slap him when he continues. This, in the end, grows into her lashing out at him with a case shaper at whatever point she sees him, a reality which Yuuji’s kindred understudies simply disregard as being “something she does”, in light of the fact that the fruit of grisaia download all experienced it as well. Yuuji, being an ensured boss, disregards Yumiko’s assaults without damage effectively, and in the end, they stop by and large, however, regardless she demonstrates herself to be a thorny person who is commonly reluctant to cooperate with others.

All through the regular course, Yumiko can often be found prowling on the outskirts of the remainder of the gathering’s social exercises; they’re all mindful of her and take care not to avoid her, yet they additionally don’t attempt to constrain her to take an interest in anything. Plainly regardless of whether she doesn’t indicate it all over or through her conduct, she discovers comfort in being around individuals who care for her and are kind of her sentiments. Indeed, even the obscene Makina demonstrates herself to be colossally keen of Yumiko’s character attributes, precisely “perusing her contemplations” in one especially significant scene.

In the normal course, we’re given a mystery of what has made Yumiko as pulled back, dour and inclined to lashing out as she is it’s plainly to do with her dad. After coming back from a shopping excursion to the town, some of the gatherings report a suspicious-looking dark vehicle outside the station, however, the individuals who have been at the school longer realize this is an indication that Yumiko’s dad is coming to review the school, which it appears he financed and had assembled. Yumiko, then, will not see her dad, rather wanting to watch his careless review of the school grounds from the residence rooftop; unmistakably he’s not so much examining anything, however, is rather trusting that he may have the option to break through to his little girl.

At the point when Yumiko’s course appropriate beginnings, we’re given more data about Yumiko’s dad, who has just been proposed to be a not decent individual. Undoubtedly, from the get-go in Yumiko’s course, we’re given a third-individual scene where we see Yuuji’s handler JB and Yumiko’s dad talking about how they may get Yumiko to return to her family and be set up to assume control over the family railroad business. Yumiko, as of recently, has been having none of this, obviously, thus her dad resorts to edgy measures, mentioning that JB allot Yuuji to protector obligation for Yumiko and after that organizing her to be assaulted and stole. What he didn’t depend on is that Yuuji is more than equipped for dealing with a couple of employed hooligans, especially as they had been explicitly educated not to really hurt Yumiko — at any rate at first.

Yumiko is at first impervious to Yuuji guarding her, demanding that “it’s not as if [her] life’s anything worth securing”, and that she “doesn’t especially mind in the event that somebody comes for [her]”. The underlying assault from her dad’s men puts her to some degree alert, however, and starting there on she is less impervious to Yuuji’s endeavors to ensure her, and step by step softens towards him after some time, in the long run creating affections for him since she’s come to depend on his assurance a sentiment of wellbeing and security that she’s never delighted in.


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